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Plan a Day In Lonavala @ PLONAVALA.COM

Lonavala & khandala is now a days is a very Popular destination to get hangout. The sightseeing is the major attraction of the lonavala. In addition to this, You will have all arrangements like sightseeing & Lunch On demand. whats more required? You need to just book on our website.

Attraction Points

Bhushi Dam, Lions Point & Tiger point, Jungle Safari, Pawana Dam view, wax mesueum.

Lonavala Darshan

Starts @ Rs. 1000 per person

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Rent Bungalows Lonavala

Starts @ Rs. 8000

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Bike Packages

Rs. 1000 per Bike for one day

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Sightseeing Package of Rs.1000 per person would enjoy

Full enjoy with scenic beauty at Lonavala Book & enjoy at PLONAVALA

Bhushi Dam, Lions Point & Tiger point, Jungle Safari, Pawana Dam, wax mesueum.

There's lot to see & enjoy. Make your Time Memorable.

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